Compliance in the Digital Age!


India is expected to become a trillion-dollar digital economy by 2025. Indians are changing the way they hail cabs, order food, book tickets, and make payments. In fact, in Oct 2020, India set a new global record and crossed two billion digital payments in a month.

Data is the new oil and digital the new way.

Compliance Management is no different. The world of Compliance is evolving rapidly. India’s compliance universe has 1,536 Acts, 69,233 compliances, and 6,618 filings. A mid to large-sized organisation deals with hundreds of acts and thousands of applicable compliances in India. The complexity of compliance management increases exponentially with industry, sector, geographic spread, size, and headcount. There are differences in forms, formats, dates, eligibility criteria, applicability, interest, and penalty structures. To add to the woes, the regulatory environment changes over 3,000 times a year. In spite of the best efforts, it is easy to miss critical compliances.The cost of missed and delayed compliance in India has gone up dramatically.

Digitisation holds the key! Intelligent web and mobile platforms bring transparency, accountability, timeliness, and control in compliance management. They help the role of compliance officer mature into governance professional.

In this webinar, our panelists discuss the complexity of compliance management in India and how to start your journey towards digitisation for better control.


Rishi Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO
Avantis Regtech

Tuesday 15th December 2020

3:00pm, IST

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About the Speakers

Priyankan Goswami

Associate Vice President,
Global Compliances
Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions

Anupama Pai

Head Legal and Compliance
Bharat Serums & vaccines Ltd

Anusha Rajan

Investment Controller
& Compliance Head,
HMD Mobile India Pvt Ltd

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