Digitising Labour Compliance

Digitising Labour Compliance

Managing Labour Compliance in India is complex. There are differences in forms, formats, due dates, applicability, payment methods and enforcement authorities across different states.

Most organisations do not have in-house capabilities. As a result, they lean heavily on Third Party vendors leading to challenges such as manual handling, data privacy breaches, error prone operations and multiple human touchpoints. These services are often expensive, inefficient and lack the required transparency.

Avantis has launched a self service Labour Compliance Management Software. Attend this webinar is you would like to understand key challenges and how to start thinking about digitising your Labour Compliances.

Topics Covered:
  • Challenges of Labour Compliances in India.
  • Digitising your Labour Compliances with Avacom-Labour.
  • Key Benefits of Digitisation.

About the Speaker

Rishi Agrawal

Co-founder - Avantis Regtech Pvt. Ltd.

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