MPCB issues strict safety precaution to be taken before resuming operations of units

May 20, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on May 11, 2020, issues strict safety precaution to be taken before resuming operations of units.

As the country facing COVID-19 pandemic and current lock down situation, most of the industries are not in operation and while resuming the operation of the unit there is possibility of mishap resulting accident hazard causing consequences to the living being and environment. Considering some serious cases of chemical leakage & industrial mishap reported recently, the following shall be observed by Industries which were not in operation during lockdown period and now wants to resume the operations:

1. A proper safety and hazard audit should be undertaken by all units before resuming operation. Hazardous chemical industries shall resume their operations, only after ensuring adequate and necessary steps to prevent the occurrence of any chemical leakage/accident.

2. All the hazardous chemical units of the industries shall comply with the stipulated provisions of the Manufacture, storage, and import of Hazardous Chemical Rules 1989 and the Chemical accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and response) Rules 1996 without fail.

3. Units shall ensure that there is proper pollution control equipment, effluent treatment plants including safety equipment, machineries are in operational condition before resuming operations.

4. The hazardous and other waste generated in the establishment shall be sent or sold to an authorized actual user or shall be disposed of in an authorized disposal facility within time limit.

5. Should take outmost care in handling hazardous chemical; environmental norms are not violated in any manner and shall ensure safety of workers and residents.

6. Identify the potential acute hazards and concerns that are inherent in the manufacturing process& shall ensure adequate mitigations measure against each hazard. Ensure proper working of pressure relief system.

7. Ensure adequate measures are taken to mitigate the risks arising out of Human errors for critical operations. Adequate measures are taken to mitigate the risks arising out of utility failures.

8. Obtain necessary permission from concerned authority.

9. Prior to resume the operation of Hazardous Chemical handling unit, intimation to MPC Board and Director of Industrial Safety & Health (DISH) department shall be given certain information along with intimation letter online by uploading/submitting.

This circular will come in force with immediate effect.

[Circular No. MPCB/AST/Circular/TB-200511]


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