Rajasthan Labour Department exempts shops and establishments from the provisions regarding the working of female employees

May 18, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The Rajasthan Labour Department on May 09, 2020, exempts shops and establishments registered under Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, from the provisions regarding the working of female employees for three years.

 Employers will employ in shops and establishments, women employees in nightshifts only after the permission of the women. 

 Every women employee will be given employment letter and identity card with photo.

 Employer will take safety precautions for women employees who are working in nightshifts and they will be provided proper transport facilities for home to workplace and workplace to home.

 Employer will provide proper rest rooms for women employees and lockers for keeping their own stuffs.

 Employer will not compel a pregnant women employee for nightshifts during her 3 months pre and 3 months post delivery period.

 Employer will ensure that there is proper facility to prevent sexual harassment against female employees.

 If any shops and establishments violate the above mentioned conditions, the exemptions will be deemed to be withdrawn and they will be punished as per the provisions of the adequate laws.

 If the owner of the shop and establishment is woman and the complete working staff are women than these exemptions will be applicable for 4 years.


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