Goa Labour Department exempts working hours for factories

May 11, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The Goa Labour Department on May 08, 2020, exempts all of the adult workers working in all of the factories, from the provisions of Sections 51 (Weekly hours), 52 (Weekly holidays), 54 (Daily hours) and 56 (Spreadover) of the Factories Act, 1948, for a period upto July 31, 2020 with effect from the date of publication of this Order in the Official Gazette, subject to the following conditions, namely:

 the total number of hours of work in any day shall not exceed twelve;

 the spread over, inclusive of intervals for rest, shall not exceed thirteen hours in any one day; 

 the total number of hours of work in any week, including overtime, shall not exceed sixty; 

 no worker shall be allowed to work overtime, for more than seven days at a stretch and the total number of hours of overtime work in any quarter shall not exceed seventy five;

 no worker shall work for more than five hours before he has had an interval for rest of atleast half an hour; 

 where a worker works in a factory for more than forty-eight hours in any week, he shall, in respect of overtime work, be entitled to wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages in accordance with the provisions prescribed under Section 59 (Extra wages for overtime); 

 if a worker is required to work on weekly holiday(s), he shall be allowed to avail compensatory holiday(s) for having worked on weekly holiday(s), within the month in which the holidays were due to him or within the two months immediately following that month in accordance with the provisions prescribed under Section 53 of the said Act; 

 the instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and the Government of Goa from time to time regarding COVID-19 pertaining to social distancing, sanitization, etc. shall be strictly followed.

[Order No. CIF/092(Part-2)/S-II/IFB/2020/191]


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