Government of Andhra Pradesh exempts all certified boilers for a period of two months

Apr 21, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Commercial Compliance

The Andhra Pradesh Labour Department on April 21, 2020, exempts from Section 6 (c) which specifies the criteria for Prohibition of use of unregistered or uncertified boiler and Section 8 which specifies the procedure for renewal of registration of the Boilers Act, all certified Boilers situated in the industries in Andhra Pradesh state due to lockdown for a period of two months or till lifting of the lockdown whichever is earlier, for Boilers for which inspections are due in the months of April and May, 2020, subject to the following conditions:

 During the exemption period, the Boilers shall be used in accordance to the provisions of the Boilers Act, the Boiler Attendants’ Rules and the Boiler Operation Engineers’ Rules.

 Any repair during the period of exemption will not be carried out without obtaining prior permission from the Director of Boilers, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.

 The exemption period granted to the Boilers will expire whenever the lockdown in the State is lifted. After lifting the lockdown, the Boilers shall be offered for inspection.

 All Boiler owners shall apply for renewal of their Boiler Certificate(s) during the exemption period. However, those Boilers will be inspected and certificates for use of the Boiler will be issued after lifting the lockdown.

 The exemption will be applicable to only those Boilers which are in operation duly certified. 


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