Frequently Asked Questions on Universal Account number and Know Your Customer

Apr 15, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on April 13, 2020, issues Frequently Asked Questions on Universal Account number (UAN) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

The Questions are as under:

1. What is Universal Account Number (UAN)?

2. What is KYC?

3. How can the employer generate UAN for newly joined employees not having UAN?

4. How can an employee generate his UAN on his own?

5. How can a member know his UAN?

6. How can a member activate his UAN?

7. Can one mobile number be linked with multiple UANs?

8. How to activate UAN via offline mode?

9. Can contractual employees register their UAN and avail online facilities?

10. In which format I should create my UAN password?

11. What can I do if my UAN is not seeded with aadhaar?

12. My UAN was generated during the initial days of after launch of UAN facility. My employer erroneously linked it with wrong Aadhar number. How can I correct the same?

13. How can I seed my KYC details with UAN?

14. How can I seed my Bank account details?

15. Can I change my already seeded Bank account number?

16. What precautions should I take while seeding Bank account number?

17. I have changed my job. Should I activate my UAN again?

18. Do I have to pay any fee for UAN registration?

19. Can I activate UAN through SMS or mobile app?

20. What are the documents required for change in Date of Birth of EPF members?

21. What are the facilities given to members through UAN driven Member Portal?

22. Do I need to upload documents on the EPFO Portal?

23. What are the minimum details which are required to be linked with UAN for availing online services?

24. Is linking PAN with UAN beneficial for availing online services?

25. My name is same in PAN card and Aadhaar card but I am not able to link it with my UAN

26. What to do if my employer is not approving KYC?

27. How do I know that KYC updated by me is approved by the employer?

28. My employer erroneously entered wrong PAN and Bank account details?

29. My employer has not updated my date of exit despite lapse of two months after leaving job. How can I update my date of exit?

30. How to change my UAN linked mobile number?

31. Can I apply online claim if my mobile is not linked with Aadhaar?

32. What to do if my Aadhaar is not linked with mobile?

33. What to do if I forgot my password?

34. What to do if I forgot my password and my registered mobile with UAN has also changed?

35. What is to be done in case I change the job and join somewhere else?

36. Which claims that can be filed online?

37. How can I view/download my passbook?

38. How can I view/download my UAN card?

39. I am not able to see the Passbook or Passbook is not available?

40. Two UAN allotted to me. What should I do?

41. Why I am not able to link / list previous member IDs pertaining to me?

42. How to change Name and DOB in EPFO records as per Aadhaar Card?


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