Draft National Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminium and Copper) Scrap Recycling Policy

Apr 01, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Ministry of Mines on March 27, publishes the Draft National Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminium and Copper) Scrap Recycling Policy to envisages a framework to address the challenge of underdeveloped scrap recycling in the non-ferrous metal sector in general and Aluminium and Copper in particular.

This policy contemplates the future of aluminium scrap recycling sector to be indigenous through organized and scientific metal scrapping and collection centres across India and make India less dependent on imports for scrap. Also, remelting centres produce quality products for consumers in various sectors. This will promote resource efficiency in aluminium sector.

The objectives are as under:

 To take a holistic perspective for RECLCYLING as a system activity;

 To aggressively adopt data-based analysis and policy making at all stages of recycling chain for enhancing extraction of many metals, improve trade and commerce;

 Analyse data by identifying steps and processes to graduate recycling sector;

 Establish necessary comprehensive legislative, regulatory and institutional framework for recycling of all metals and material;

 There should be Investment friendly legislations, policies for processing scrap, import-export regimes, designated processing zones and promoting data-based development to enhance trade and use of scrap commodities for Indian economy on product by product and metal by metal basis;

 To formulate a policy for critical raw materials availability, stock piling, technologies for recovery from domestic EOL products;

 Review existing laws to attract investment, technologies and value addition;

 To review Import – Export Policy with a view to significantly value – add both for domestic demand as well as exports.

 Bring in executive orders for making it mandatory for households, offices and entities to deposit in identified collection points or hand over to authorized dealers specific identified products at the end of their life;

 Listing of metals and materials in a product by manufacturer to be made mandatory;

 Promotion and investment in technology development to extract all metal values from various recycled materials;

 Design, Develop, Demonstrate and Deploy well engineered, organized, specialized and regulated URBAN MINES from ground zero.

Ministry of Mines invites Comments/ suggestions on the draft policy document for pre-legislative consultation which may be furnished on the email – met4- [email protected], by April 30, 2020.


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