DGS clarifies the issues regarding E-migrate system for seafarers

Mar 05, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

The Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) on February 14, 2020, clarifies the issue regarding E-Migrate system for seafarers.

DGS had launched e-Migrate system for seafarers keeping in view the difficulties faced by Indian seafarers who are recruited and placed onboard foreign flag vessels by unlicensed Recruitment and Placement Service (RPS).

Bur DGS noted that seafarers, supernumeraries (spouse or children of seafarers), non-seafarers (such as ship surveyors, auditors, doctors, superintendents), seafarers working on harbor ships, Inland waterways ships and crafts, placed on board ship are still facing problems as they are being asked by the immigration authorities to produce STCW certificate or the CDC or the print out of the e-Migrate Form 1 etc. for their departure clearance.

Therefore, the issues are clarified as under to mitigate such problems:

Ø  Seafarers: Indian Seafarers who are recruited and placed on merchant vessels of any flag are required to go through e-migrate system only. In the e-migrate system, a seafarer is not required to show any document in the hard form such as Continuous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarer's Identity Document (CDC)/ certificate of competency (CoC)/ Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) course certificates or printout of Form 1 of e-Migrate system, as there is proven misuse through Photoshop by unscrupulous elements.

Ø  Supernumeraries (spouse/children of seafarers): The supernumeraries who are joining ship are not required to go through e-migrate system.

Ø  Non-seafarers: DGS facilitate non-seafarers into the e-Migrate system. Therefore, in the e-Migrate system, the identification documents for these persons is their passport and other documents like CDC/CoC/STCW course certificates or printout of Form 1 of e-Migrate system is not required.

Ø  Other persons: The persons working on oil platforms/rigs; harbor ships/crafts plying in harbor limit; sailing vessels or fishing vessels; Inland vessels registered by State Governments; pilot vessels; light house/navaid tenders; defense department vessels; trawlers; yachts are not required to sign Articles of Agreement or hold CDC/CoC.STCW certificates. Hence, they are not required to go through the e-Migrate system which is mandatory for seafarers working on Merchant ships.

Ø  Further, Airlines should not insist printout of the e-migrate of the seafarer as there is a possibility of misuse by unscrupulous elements through Photoshop.

Ø  However, as per e-migrate system every Indian seafarer leaving Indian Seaport/Airports for joining ship requires to go through e-migrate system, any seafarer, except those exempted as per these guidelines, who attempts to join or joined ship without e-migrate should not be allowed to join/continue on ship.

Ø  The OEM technician or observer, if happened to be a foreign national, are out of the purview of e-migrate system.

[Merchant Shipping Notice No. 5 of 2020]


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