The Municipal Corporation, Dharamshala Outdoor Advertisement Bye-laws, 2020

Feb 24, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Commercial Compliance

The Dharamshala Municipal Corporation on February 17, 2020, issues the Municipal Corporation, Dharamshala Outdoor Advertisement Bye-laws, 2020 within the limits of Dharamshala Municipal Corporation. An advertisement means any work, letter model sign, device or representation supported on or attached to any post, pole, standard framework or other support wholly or in part upon or over any land, building or structure which or any part of which shall be visible against the sky from some point in any street includes all and every part of any such post, pole, standard frame work or other support. These Bye-laws are comprised of regulation and control of advertisement; prohibition of advertisement in the State and National Highway which may cause traffic hazard; procedure for obtaining permission for grant of permission in respect of advertisement of private property.

The objective of these Bye-laws are to:

 Prohibit the erected, exhibited, fixed or retained upon or over any land, building, wall, boarding, frame, post or structure or place within the City without the written permission of the Commissioner.

 Prohibit hoardings, advertisement, banners in the acquired width of the National or State highway and other schedule road and footpath as they cause traffic hazard or where it effects endangers the growth of flora and fauna;

 Regulate the erection, location, exhibition, fixation, size, shape, retention or display of advertisement in any manner in non-prohibited areas.

 Promote safety of the public, proper erection or hoardings and signages;

 Ensure equitable treatment under the law through accurate records and consistent enforcement.

The Advertisement Regulation Committee shall identify the area of special control and prepare advertisement or zoning plans indicating the categories of advertisement devices permissible in different areas of Special Control.

These Bye-laws shall come into effect from February 18, 2020.

[Notification No. DMC/Estt(A)7-2/2020]


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