DGFT requests all the exporters to submit Statement of Origin

Feb 12, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Finance & Taxation Compliance

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) on February 11, 2020, requests all the exporters to submit fortnightly statements in prescribed format on Statement of origin issued. They are also requested to respond to the verification requests by European Union (EU) within the prescribed time limit, failing which the Registered Exporter Number (REX) may be annulled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are also answered by the DGFT, they are:

1. Is there any difference in tariff or customs preferences if the wholly obtained (WO) criteria is used instead of the product specific rule (PSR)?

2. When should an exporter use the WO criteria?

3. How does an exporter ensure that the inputs used are originating in India and hence the wholly originating criteria is met?

4. Can the exporter use the tolerance rule (for use of non-originating inputs) for wholly obtained products?

5. Can the “Statement on Origin” be issued retrospectively?

6. Can an exporter issue a “Statement of Origin” in the intervening period between his date of application and the issuance of the REX number?

7. When an exporter provides an assent for sharing of data as per S.No. 6 of the application, would the details of the buyer be disclosed?

8. If an exporter has a multiple export product basket, who would be his Local User for Registration (REG)?

9. If an exporter has units in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Export Oriented Units (EOU) and DTA, who would be his Local User for Registration?

10. Who should sign the application for registration?

11. What are the documents to be prescribed for the application?

12. What should be the products that the exporter must mention in his application?

13. If the exporter wants to export a new product which is not listed in his application, does he have to modify his application before exporting?

14. Since the format of the IEC number has been amended to an alphanumeric one (i.e. the PAN number), does the exporter whose has been registered with the erstwhile numeric IEC number, have to get a new REX number issued?

15. Who should be the signatory on the commercial document on which the “Statement on Origin” is made out?

16. What is the difference in the “Statement on Origin” for consignments below € 6000 and above € 6000?

17. What are the documents that an exporter must maintain in the case of verification?

18. Does EU GSP cover exports to a EU buyer who I importing for his unit in a 3rd country?

19. How much does India export under the EU GSP?

20. Whose name should appear on the commercial document?

21. Whose name should appear on the commercial document?

[Trade Notice No. 49/2019-2020]


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