Telangana Government amends Rule 61-N of the Telangana Factories Rules, 1950

Feb 07, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The State Government of Telangana on January 28, 2020, amends the Rule 61-N of the Telangana Factories Rules, 1950.

Rule 61-N has been substituted, namely:

Personal Protective Equipment:

(1)    All workers should be mandatorily provided with Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and such PPEs shall conform to the relevant National Standard. The occupiers shall require the workers to use such PPEs and the same shall be maintained in proper working conditions by the occupier. No charge what so ever shall be charged by the occupier from the workers for provision of such PPEs.

(2)    Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of sub-rule (1), the various types of PPEs to which this rule shall extend for use in factories shall be as prescribed below:

(i)                  Safety Helmet: All workers who are likely to be exposed to any hazard which may cause head injury shall be provided with safety helmets conforming to relevant National Standards.

(ii)                Protective Footwear: Protective footwear should be provided to workers who are exposed to hazards which are likely to cause injury to them by way of materials being dropped on their feet or nail or other sharp objects penetrating their sole.

(iii)               Safety Goggles and Spectacles: Safety Goggles and Spectacles shall be provided as per National Standards to provide protection for the eyes of the workers against hazards such as flying particles and fragments, splashing materials and molten metal’s harmful dust, gases or vapours, aerosols and radiations which are likely to impair vision or damage the eyes.

(iv)               Equipment for Eye and Face Protection during Welding: Relevant National Standard shall be followed for the requirements of goggles, hand shield and helmet intended to protect an operator.

(v)                Gloves and Protective Clothing: Suitable gloves, leather gauntlets and mittens conforming to relevant National Standard shall be used for protection of hand of the workers from getting injured. Suitable protective clothing as per relevant National Standard available for apron (Rubberized, acid and alkali resistant) shall be used for protection of workers who are likely to be exposed to any hazard which may cause injury to their skin

(vi)               Ear Protection when exposed to Noise: The relevant National Standard shall be followed while selection of suitable ear protection.

(vii)             Respiratory Protection Respiratory Protective equipment based on the nature of hazard as per the relevant National Standard shall be provided by the occupier of the factory to the workers for their respiratory protection against dust, fumes, gases, particulates etc.

(viii)           Other Protective Equipment: Safety harnesses with independently secured lifelines; Life vests and life preservers; Distinguishing clothing or reflective devices or otherwise conspicuously visible material

(3)    The Inspector may, order the occupier or the manager to supply to the workers exposed to particular hazard any personal protective equipment as may be found necessary.

[G.O.Ms.No. 4]


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