Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2014 (2nd Amendment) Regulations, 2019

Jan 22, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) on January 08, 2020, has published the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2014 (2nd Amendment) Regulations, 2019 to further amend the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2014.

The amendment to Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2014 are as under:

Ø  The definition of Consumer premises has been amended, namely: "consumer premises" means land, building or structure or part or combination, thereof in respect of which a separate meter or metering arrangements have been made by the licensee for supply of electricity and does not include the outside face of the boundary wall of the consumer premises.

Ø  Amendment in Regulation 4.4 which specifies the procedure for providing new Electricity connection are as under:

A new Proviso in the Regulation 4.4.1(8) (b) (i) has been added as under: Provided that in case of change of ownership due to execution of sale deed/ re-al1otment letter and /or executing fresh lease, deed or rent deed, copy of such amended document shall be submitted to the Licensee within one month of such modification.

Ø  Existing Regulation 4.4.3 (2) (a) has been substituted with the following:

Issue of demand notice … (2) The demand notice shall include the following details: (a)  Details of the works (including service line) from the nearest point of the Licensees' distribution system (appropriate feeder/Substation in case of supply is to be provided through Independent feeder) to be undertaken for providing electric supply.

Ø  New clause 5.1.4(5) has been inserted under Regulation 5.1.4 which specifies the provisions for requirement of meters:  Clause (5) The distribution licensee, with the approval of the Commission, shall arrange to install smart meters, in its area, in a phased manner within the time lines specified in the National Tariff  Policy, 2016.

Ø  Existing Regulation 5.3.1 (2) which specifies the duty of the consumer for safety of meters, has been substituted where the cost of replacement ratio of 80:20 has been mentioned for licensee and the consumer if the meter is placed outside the consumer's premises.

Ø  Existing Regulation 5.7 has been substituted: Cost of Replacement of Defective/Burnt/Lost Meters

Ø  Regulation 6.1.1 which specifies the periodicity of meter Reading/billing has been amended where for Agriculture-whether metered or at flat rate the periodicity will be four months instead of Bimonthly and proviso has been added where the periodicity of meter reading/ billing in case of pilot project may be changed in respect of specific area of licensee with the prior approval of the Commission.

Ø  A new Regulation 6.1.5 has been added: In case consumer opts for e-bill service i.e. sending of bills through email only by forgoing the option of paper bill, A rebate of Rs. 5 per electricity bill or as decided by the Commission from time to time shall be admissible.

Ø  A new Regulation 9.3.7 has been added as under: Agriculture supply (metered/un-metered)

Ø  Regulation 15 which specifies the system for Complaints redressal, has been substituted:

                           i.            15.1 Complaints redressal system

                         ii.            15.2 Compensation/penalty for delay

These Regulations shall extend to the whole of the State of Haryana and it will come into force with effect from the date of their publication in the Haryana Government Gazette (January 14, 2020).

[Regulation No. HERC/29/2014/2nd Amendment/2019]


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