Government of West Bengal fixes the minimum rates of wages in the employment of CA or Cost Accountants, Auditors, Tax-consultants and other forms or companies

Jan 09, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Labour Compliance

The State Government of West Bengal on December 27, 2019, has fixed the minimum rates of wages in the employment of Chartered or Cost Accountant, Auditors, Tax-Consultants and other firms or companies engaged in the Consultancy or Advisory Services. These rates will be effective for the period from January 01, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

Categories of Employees

Monthly Minimum Rates of Wages (Rs.)


8,349.00 (Daily 321.00)


9,185.00 (Daily 353.00)


10,104.00 (Daily 389.00)

Highly Skilled

11,113.00 (Daily 427.00)

 The classification of employees is as follows:

(i) Unskilled workers: Peon, Bearer, Durwan, Khansama Sweeper.

(ii) Semi-skilled workers: Cook, Duftry, Duplicating or Xerox Machine Operator.

(iii) Skilled workers: Clerk, Office Assistant, Typist, Driver, Telephone Operator, Computer Operator.

(iv) Highly Skilled Workers: Senior Assistant, Accountant, Stenographer, Cashier, Audit Assistant, Accountant Assistant.

 A normal working day shall consist of eight and half hours of work including interval for half-an-hour for rest.

 One day in any period of 7 days shall be the day of weekly rest. Further, the minimum rates of wages include the wages for weekly day of rest.

 The minimum rates of wages are applicable to employees employed by contractors also. For disabled persons minimum rates of wages shall be same as payable to the workers of appropriate category.

 The men and women employees shall get the same rates of wages for the same work or work of similar nature.

[Circular No. 310/Stat/2RW/110/574/2012/LCS/JLC]


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