Government of Kerala revises the minimum rates of wages of employees in Forest sector

Dec 16, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The State Government of Kerala has revised the minimum rates of wages, dearness allowance (DA) and the guaranteed time-rates payable to the workers employed in Forest sector.

The followings are the categories:


1. Highly Skilled:

Mahouts, Workers engaged in timber loading and unloading, Axeman, Carpenters, Masons, Computer Operators and Junior Programmers.

2. Skilled Workers:

Sawyer, Workers engaged in river transport of timber, Workers engaged in rock breaking, Agents/Supervisors/Maistries, Accountant, Clerk, Typist, Data Entry Operator and Draftsmen employed for work by contractors inside and, or in connection with forests, Assistant to Mahouts, Timber Stacking, Honey Collection, Workers engaged in Vacca making, Wood cutter.

3. Semi-Skilled Workers:

Workers engaged in collection of bamboos, reeds and rattan, Workers engaged in charcoal burning, Workers engaged in tying of drag-rope, Workers engaged in loading and unloading of firewood, Workers engaged in Chisel numbering, Workers engaged in raft making.

4. Unskilled Workers:

Forest Nursery and Plantation Workers including Mazdoor Watchers, Workers engaged in carrying headload of firewood, Workers engaged in boundary clearing and fire protection work, Workers engaged in earth work (pit making etc.), Workers engaged in rock making/ (except rock breaking), Workers engaged in marking of trees, Peons, Watchers and Sweepers employed for work by contractors inside and or in connection with forests, Workers engaged in collection of minor products except honey, Workers engaged in Taungya cultivation.


1. Axeman:

Felling, conversion, classification including drag holding, wherever necessary and chisel numbering for rosewood, ayini, jack etc. where removal of sapwood is to be done, Felling and preparation of Hard wood, Felling and preparation of ‘Soft wood’.

2. Forest Nursery and Plantation Workers


Loading timber stacked within 20 metre radius into the vehicle and tying with ropes.

The full back wages for piece-rated workers shall be 50% of the basic wages plus full dearness allowance.

[Notification No. G. O. (P) No. 65/2019/LBR (S. R. O. No. 512/2019)]


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