The Indian Veterinary Council (Amendment) Rules, 2019

Dec 04, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying on November 29, 2019, issues the Indian Veterinary Council (Amendment) Rules, 2019 to further amend the Indian Veterinary Council Rules, 1985. 

The followings are the amendments made under the Indian Veterinary Council Rules, 1985:-

• Rule 16 related to ‘Voting’ has been substituted, namely:

“(1) If the number of duly nominated candidates for election does not exceed the number of members to be elected, the Returning Officer shall forthwith declare such candidates duly elected. 

(2) If the number of such candidate exceed the number of members to be elected, the Returning Officer shall fix a period of not exceeding seven days for election of members through online voting. 

(3) For online voting, the eligible voter has to follow the following procedure, namely:- 

i.he may login with his registered number in the Indian veterinary practitioners register;

ii.after login, he shall receive one time password (OTP) on his mobile number registered with the State veterinary council or the Veterinary council of India; 

iii.on entering such one-time password, the voter shall be able to see a list of contesting candidates and then he may vote by ticking () as many candidates as there are seats to be filled by the election; 

iv.after voting, voter shall get an acknowledgment that he has completed the voting process successfully; 

v.after voting, voter shall be automatically logged out and re-voting is not possible.”

• Rule 17 related to ‘opening of the cover’ and 18 related to ‘rejection of voting paper cover’ has been omitted.

• Rule 19 related to ‘counting of votes’; Rule 20 related to ‘Declaration of result’; and Rule 21 related to ‘Retaining of Election documents’ have been substituted, namely:-

Rule 19:

“(1) The Returning Officer shall, on the date and time fixed by him for this purpose, enter the password and get the number of votes received by each contesting candidates. 

(2) Any contesting candidate or his representative duly authorised in writing by him may remain present in person to watch the process of counting.”

Rule 20:

“(1) The Returning Officer shall draw up a list of candidates in order of highest votes polled and declare the candidates elected, in that order according to the number of seats to be filled up. 

(2) When there is equality of votes among any two or more candidates, the candidate who shall be deemed to have been elected shall be determined by lots to be drawn by the Returning Officer in such manner as he may decide. 

(3) The Returning Officer shall, as soon as the result is declared, inform each successful candidate of his being elected to the Council. 

(4) If any candidate declared elected under sub-rule (1) refuses to act as member, then in the place of that candidate, one of the remaining unsuccessful candidate to whom the next largest number of votes have been polled, shall be deemed to have been elected and the same procedure shall be adopted as often as any vacancy is caused in this way.”

Rule 21:

“After declaration of results, the Returning Officer shall preserve all the documents relating to election for a period of six months and shall not destroy, after this period, without the previous concurrence of the Central Government.”

This Notification shall come into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette that is December 02, 2019.


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