Government of Tamil Nadu revises the minimum rates of wages for the Employment in Sericulture

Nov 27, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The State Government of Tamil Nadu on November 27, 2019, has revised the minimum rates of wages for the Employment in Sericulture under the Minimum Wages Act.

The classes of Employees are as under:

Classes of Employees

Minimum rates of basic wages. (Rs.P.)

II. Grainage: Separation of cross breeding cocoons; Work relating to separation of sex; Pairing; Work relating to eggs laying; Depairing; Chemical treatment of egg sheets to keep it hygienic

250.00 per day

III. Chaki Rearing and Reading: Disinfection of cabin; Chopping work rearing and nourishing with chemicals; Delicate work of moulding; Putting the worms to the bamboo trays harvesting

250.00 per day

IV. Other Classes: Silk Reeling (Reeler); Striffling; Sorting; Preservation; Cooking; Reeling; Re-reeling

250.00 per day

V. Cocoon Marketing: Unloading the baskets containing Cocoons in the market; After the auction, filling it up in the basket and taking it in the weighing bridge; Weighing or loading and unloading; Any other similar job

246.00 per day

VI. Other Classes: Mazdoor or Watchmen or Gardener; Attender

246.00 per day


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