Government of Karnataka revises minimum rates of wages for Dying and Printing

Nov 21, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government of Karnataka on October 31, 2019, has revised the minimum rates of wages for Dying and Printing.

The revised minimum rates of wages will be applicable from October 30, 2017. The minimum wage rates revised by this notification will remain in effect for the next 2 years. After the expiry of 2 years from the date of notification, employers are obliged to pay minimum wage rates, adding a 10 percent wage increase to the total minimum wage (basic wage + differential deduction).

The revised minimum wage rates are fixed by the State Government on the following conditions and the employers are obliged to comply with all these conditions:

(1)    Differential deduction calculation and payment: Employers are required to make a differential duty calculation that is payable at a fixed minimum wage once a year. 

(2)    Equal pay for women: When both men and women perform the same and equal amount of work Equal Rate Wages shall be paid to Employers.

(3)    Protection of the Right to Minimum Wage.

(4)    Minimum wage in terms of working hours.

(5)    Minimum Wage Payment.

(6)    Payment of Salaries through a Bank Account.

(7)    Applicability of Minimum Wage Rates to Contract Workers.

(8)    Payment of Employer Compensation under the Social Security Act.

(9)    Workday Wages on Holidays.

(10)Overtime working wages.

(11)Minimum Wage Compulsory Payment: Employers shall pay wages not less than the total wage paid to a duty-paid worker, including the minimum wage rates set forth in this notification and the amount of the variable payable from time to time.

(12)Classification of Worker, Types of Workers.


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