Government of Telangana revises the minimum rates of wages in paper and paper boards (including straw board) including handmade paper manufactory

Sep 30, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The State Government of Telangana has revised the minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance (VDA) payable to the workers employed in paper and paper boards (including straw board) including handmade paper manufactory with effect from April 01, 2019 to September 30, 2019.

The followings are the categories:

1.Highly Skilled (Grade.I):

Machine Driver, Welder Gr.I, Electrician Gr.I, Instrument Machine Moulder Gr.I, Patron Maker, Plumber, Lineman, Refrigeration Mechanic, Checker, Bleaching Operator, Winder, Boiler Attendant,  Bank Tender, Cable Jointer, Turbine Attendant, Shift Supervisor and Chemist, Foreman (Ele.Mechanical) Instrumentation, Rewinder, Paper Machanic, Workshop Cutters, Pulp Mill aeronics Etc., Roll Grinder, Senior Mechanic, Senior Wireman.

2.Skilled (Grade-B):-

Operator, Cuilloine Operator, Sampleman, Drillers, Electrician, Pump Attendant, Fitter Gr.II, Mechanic.II, Carpenter Gr.II, Moulder Gr.II, Blacksmith Gr.II, Welder Gr.II, Kalasi, Instrument Mechanic Gr.II, Grander Stone Crusher, Furnisher, Boiler Attendant Gr.II, Asst.Chemist, Draftsman, Turner, Turoine Operator Gr.II, Plumber Gr.II, Winder Gr.II, Sharper, Fabricator Attendant (Steam Control, Bleaching Digester, Furnace range), Electrician, Turner/Mechanist, Attender, Knife Grinder, Chipper, Calender and rope real rewinder, Cutter Machine, Cuillotine Machine, Boiler Turbine, Evaparator, D.M.Plant, Sueprvisor (Finishing work, Stock room, Soda Recovery, Chemist etc.,) Blue Print Operator, Maistry cum Brosser Assistant, Inspector, Kalasi, Jamedar, Maistry, Fireglass Liner, Miller, Compositor, Wireman, Switch Board Operator etc.,

3.Semi Skilled (Grade.C):-

Laboratory Boys, Asst.Operator, Hammer Man, Mechanic Gr.III, Asst.Painter, Asst.Mason, Asst.Carpenter, Asst.Moulder, Store and Yard Boys, Finishers, Weighman and Cilman, Sardar, Attendant Chipper Oprator, Kinfe Grinder, Screening Tracer, Dye preparation, Size kitchen Chemical godown dyers and size press, rewinder, Cutter machine, Spout, Furnace range, Hiptop, Hipo bottom, Chloring Grassifier, Mul Filler, Testers, Effuent Sample, Water Carrier, Blacksmith, Kalasi, Plumber, Painter, Attendant (DFigester house bottom pulp mill, button, Chip, Silo pulper, Wire boy, Stamper and maker, Ash Coal, Draf and Scrapper, Wile liquor, Pump and plancing mukadam, Crane Driver, Press boy, Wet Boy, Asst.Compositor, Builder, Valva Operator, Asst.Checker, Pressman, Fireman, Kalasi, Pointsman, Water Pump Attendant, Feed Pump Attendant, Moulder, Helper, Asst.Welder, Asst.Turner, Asst.Fitter, Dryer, Attendant etc., Asst.Knife Changer, Asst.Digester, Cook, Asst.Washing Operator, Asst.Screening Operator, Asst.Bleach Plant Operator, Rag Breaker Attendant, Rag Beater Attendant, Rag Boiler Attendant.

4.Unskilled (Grade.D):- 

Casual Labour in loading and unloading operations including chemicals and in Bamboo yard, Chipper house feeding, brokefeeding finishing, lime supply, Paper Machine broke housing, Fitter house broker, rensing reem packing, Paper godown, Lime remover, Coal Feeding, Waste Paper binding and in other operations and similar operations, Token Boys, Sample Boys, Sample Petrol Bunk Attendant, Truck Boy etc., Mazdoor, Lableman, Attendant, Helpers, Cleaners, Sweepers, Scavenger, Chowkidars, Watchman and Ward Security Sardar or Guards (Whether by Contract or otherwise direct payment by management).


Manager/ Superintendent, Accountant/ Senior Assistant (Accounts Personnel, Purchase material etc.,), Clerk, Typist, Statistical Assistant, Cashier, Stenographer Office Assistant, Accounts Time Keepers, E.S.I. Stores Purchase., Office Attendants (Unskilled).



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