Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules, 2019

Sep 18, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government of Karnataka has published the Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules, 2019. 

The followings are the amendments made in the Karnataka Maternity Benefit Rules, 1966:-

 Rule 6(A) has been inserted related to Creche facility, where in every establishment the employer shall provide and maintain a crèche for the use of the children below the age of six years. There shall be one crèche for every thirty children who are below six years of age. The crèche shall be provided to children of all employees irrespective of the nature of employment, such as permanent, temporary, regular, daily wage, contract etc. in accordance with the following standards, namely:-

1) Location: A crèche shall be located within the premises of the establishment or within 500 metres from the entrance gate of the establishment.

2) Building and Facility: The crèche building shall be constructed out of heat resisting materials and shall be safe from rain and waterproof. The overall ecosystem of the crèche shall be clean, safe, secure and child friendly.

The following equipments shall be provided by the employer in the crèche namely:

i. Cradles or cots.

ii. Beds or mattresses

iii. Cotton sheets

iv. Utensils to feed the children

v. Sitting accommodations or furniture for use of mother for feeding and parents for attending to child

vi. Rubber sheets (for children below three years)

vii. Blankets

viii. Pillow with covers

ix. Toys or play materials

x. Child-friendly furniture

xi. Medicine and first aid kit

3) Staff: A woman who has Government approved or recognized qualification and training in “Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)” or “Teachers Course Higher (TCH)” or equivalent qualification shall work as crèche-in-charge to look after children during the absence of their mothers as teacher-cum-warden. Along with it, a woman with basic midwifery qualification or training shall work as crèche attendant. Where the number of children exceeds ten, the crèche attendant shall be assisted by female ayahas.

4) Working hours: The working hours of the crèche shall correspond to the working hours of the mothers or parents of the children admitted in the crèche.

5) Basic Medical records: The crèche shall maintain the following medical records, namely:

i. Every child shall be medically examined before admission to the crèche. There shall be medical check-up of the children once in two months.

ii. A record of the periodical medical check-up and weighment shall be entered in the record of medical examination of each child kept at the crèche.

 Rule 6(B) has been inserted related to supply of milk and refreshment, where at least 250 ml of hygienic pure milk shall be made available for each child every day.

 Rule 6(C) has been inserted related to supply of clothes, soap and oil, where the crèche staff shall be provided with suitable clean clothes for use. An adequate supply of clean clothes, soap and oil shall be made available for each child while it is in the crèche.

[Notification No. LD 127 LET 2018]


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