Government of Odisha issues strategy and road map for prevention of accidents in factories

Sep 10, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Labour and ESI Department of Odisha have recently issued the strategy and road map for reduction of industrial accidents in the State.

The ten point action plans under “strategy and road map for reduction of industrial accidents in the State” are as follows:

1. Annual Safety Calender: Every factories are requested to draw an Annual Safety Calender with at least one activity every month related to Occupational Safety and Health (OHS).

2. Advance Action in Industries to Abate Accidents (AAINA): The factories with license manpower of 250 and above put extra efforts to develop pockets of well-maintained ideal work place. AAINAA shall be model work place and inspire employees to replicate the model in the entire plant.

3. Safety Buddies: The experts from large factories can visit the smaller units with mutual understanding and help them in safety compliance by sharing the technical expertise, information, knowledge, safety posters etc. to promote the concept of mentoring by safety buddies in the state.

4. Safety Mobile APP

5. Safety Gathering: The factories employing 100 workers or more shall arrange brief mass meetings near gate on first working day of each month discussing on safety topics and administer safety oath to employees in a large gathering to generate awareness among employees.

6. Safety Hot Spots: It is proposed to identify certain locations in the industry as safety hot spots.

7. Technology for safety: The accident prone factories are requested to encourage use of technology in material handling, process safety, disaster response with the provision of interlocks and annunciation systems for safety compliance.

8. Safety Compliance by contractors: the factories employing 500 workers or more are requested to strengthen Contractor Safety Management by fixing target and evaluating performance with leading and lagging safety indicators on monthly basis.

9. Safety touch

10. Conducting mock drills


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