MoLE issues framework for implementation of Social Audit under BOCW Act

Aug 27, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) on August 20, 2019, has issued framework for implementation of social audit of Building and other Construction Workers (BOCW) Act. The auditing standards of Social Audit have been adapted mutatis mutandis for carrying out social audits in respect of the implementation of the BOCW Act. The Social Audit will be conducted in every block (rural areas) and ward (urban areas) such that all wards and/or blocks of a State are covered within a given period of two years. 


i. Promote Transparency and accountability in the implementation of a programme; 

ii. Inform and educate people about their rights and entitlements under the Law in course of conducting social audits; 

iii. Provide a collective platform such as social audit Public Hearing, for people to express their needs and grievances; 

iv. Promote people’s participation in all stages of implementation; 

v. Strengthen participation in Public Hearing, make it an inclusive and participatory institution and make it a platform for positive collective action; and 

vi. Improve capacity of local stakeholders who participate in the social audit

The minimum principles of transparency and accountability that are required to be protected and strengthened by any set of standards defined for social audit are:

1. Access to Information

2. Involvement and participation of citizens in the process of decision making and arriving at justifiable output

3. Protection of citizens

4. Citizen’s right to be heard

5. Collective Platform

6. Report Dissemination

The social audit team shall visit the following sites for primary verification:

 Sites where on-going construction is taking place

 Sites where workers working in the construction activities are residing either temporarily or permanently

 Forums where construction workers congregate on a regular basis to seek work such as “labour chowks” 

BOCW Board Offices at the State and District Level

The State Government and the Board shall be responsible for taking follow-up action on the findings of the social audit. The implementing agencies should be regularly sensitized and appraised about the efficacy of social audit mechanism in ensuring accountability and transparency. The State Government should leverage Information Technology and develop a Management Information System (MIS) at State Level to facilitate data capture about deviations recorded in social audit reports.


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