Government of Karnataka revises minimum rates of wages and VDA for the employment in Forestry and Timbering Industry

Aug 26, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government of Karnataka has revised the minimum rates of wages and Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for the employees employed in Forestry and Timbering Industry from April 01, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

The Categories of Employment for minimum rates of wages per month are as under:

Ø  Skilled: Axeman; Sawyers; Mason; Carpenters; Workers engaged in transportation of logs through rivers; Workers engaged in breaking of boulders; Mahout; Agents/ Supervisors/ Maistries; Contractors/ Clerks/ Typists/ Draft man (Forester and relating to inside work)

Ø  Semi-Skilled: Workers engaged in collecting of Bamboo, cane and reeds; Kilning of charcoal workers; Workers engaged in Dying of drag ropes; Firewood/ Timber loading and unloading workers; workers engaged in Chisely numbering; Workers engaged in raft making; Mahout Assistants; Seedlings planters in plantation; Sowing seeds/ Planting in plantation; Workers doing grading/ Shipping/ sowing/ transplanting except watering in nursery

Ø  Un-Skilled: Mazdoor watchers, workers working in forest nursery and plantations; Firework/ Timber, Head carriers; Workers engaged in boundary clearing and fire protection; Workers engaged in earth works (pit making etc.); Workers engaged in construction of roads (excluding breaking of rocks); Peons, watchers and sweepers engaged by the contractors (in connection with forestry inside and outside)

Ø  Drivers: Lorry Driver; Jeep/ Car Driver

Ø  Piece Rated Workers: Axemans (Felling and preparation of hard wood and soft wood)

Ø  Forest Nursery and Plantation Workers: Formation of nursery bed for teak (excluding collection of bamboo); Sowing of seeds in nursery bed; Aligning Swaking; Pulling out teak seedlings (two year nursery plants) and preparation of stumps; Teak planting; Preparation of seed nursery for eucalyptus; watering for eucalyptus nursery plants (thirty litres of water for square metre); Collection of sieving of forest soil per cubic metre of soil; Filling polythene bags and 100 guage watering facilities planting; Pulling out eucatyptus seedlings nursery bed and Transplanting into polythene bags; Digging planting pits in ordinary forest soil after lines pits. At stretching of 21.3 metre 21.2 metres; Digging pits of dimension after rains; Digging pits in couldery after rains; Digging pits couldery of dimension after rains; Digging pits in couldery of dimension during dry weather; Digging pits in couldery soil after rain; Transport of seedlings in polythene bags to planting sites and distribution up to a lead of 500 metres; Planting bags seedlings; Covering planting pit dimensions and digging planting pit holes; Aligning and Squawking.

VDA: In addition to the basic wages, all Category of Employees in the State shall be paid VDA at the rate of 4 Paise per point over and above 4284 points.


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