Odisha Road Safety Fund Management Regulations, 2019

Jun 30, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government of Odisha on July 30, 2019, has published the Odisha Road Safety Fund Management Regulations, 2019 for proper utilization and maintenance of the Road Safety Fund.

However, in pursuance of direction of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety and for undertaking various road safety activities for reduction of road accidents and fatalities in the State, a Dedicated Fund for Road Safety has been created by the Government of Odisha from the year, 2015-16.

Ø  Purpose of the Fund:

The fund will be utilized for various road safety measures, traffic education, traffic enforcement etc. with an aim to reduce road accidents and fatalities as detailed below; namely:

(i)                  To make and implement schemes, projects and awareness programmes pertaining to road safety and related activities.

(ii)                To take necessary steps for safe plying of vehicles and safe movement of road users.

(iii)               To identify accident prone places and to take corrective measures.

(iv)               To impart knowledge and create awareness about traffic rules among the public.

(v)                To provide equipment and vehicles to enforcement agencies for effective enforcement of traffic rules and for taking steps for controlling road accidents.

(vi)               To provide trauma and post-accident care.

(vii)             To conduct study and research on road safety.

(viii)           To collect and analyze road accident data.

Ø  Further it includes:

a)       Source of Fund;

b)      Operational Guidelines

c)       Rights and Duties of The Management Committee

d)      Conditions for the scheme to be financed from the fund

e)      Procedure for submission of proposals to the management committee of the fund

f)        Responsibilities for execution of the scheme financed out of the fund

g)       Maintenance and audit of funds

[Notification No.5077‒TRN-LC-MISC-0106-2017/T]


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