Ministry of Steel seeks comments of Stakeholders on Draft Safety Codes for Iron and Steel Sector

Aug 21, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Industry Specific Compliance

The Ministry of Steel has invited comments of Stakeholders on Draft Safety Code for Iron and Steel Sector.

However, Ministry of Steel is in the process of formulating "Safety Code for Iron & Steel Sector", for developing comprehensive safety codes/ guidelines for the iron & steel sector. The draft Codes/ Guidelines prepared so far is being uploaded for seeking comments of stakeholders. Therefore, stakeholders are requested to comments/ feed backs on the draft by August 30, 2019.

The Draft Codes or Guidelines are as follows:

Ø  Draft Framework Document for Safety Code for Iron & Steel Sector

Ø  Annexure I Glossary of terms related to Safety and Abbreviations

Ø  SC-01 Safety code on storage, handling and use of gas cylinders

Ø  SC-02 Safety code for Working of Height

Ø  SC-03 Safety code Working in a Confined Space

Ø  SC-04 Safety code for Permit to Work Operation and Maintenance

Ø  SC-05 Safety code for Illumination at Workplace

Ø  SC-06 Safety code for Lance cutting

Ø  SC-07 Safety code for Gas cutting and Gas Welding

Ø  SC-08 Safety code for Arc Welding and Arc Cutting

Ø  SC-09 Safety code in Equipment and machine Guarding

Ø  SC-10 Safety code for Hydraulic System

Ø  SC-11 Safety code for Barricading

Ø  SC-12 Safety code for Demolition of Building and Structure

Ø  SC-13 Safety code for Material Handling_ manual and mechanized_ and Storage

Ø  SC-14 Safety code for work on Electric Overhead Travelling) EOT_ Crane

Ø  SC-15 Safety code for Electrical Safety

Ø  SC-16 Safety code for Fire Safety

Ø  SC-17 Safety code during Excavation

Ø  SC-18 Personal Protective Equipment_PPE_Management

Ø  SC-19 Safety Code on Operation and Maintenance of Conveyor Belts

Ø  SC-20 Safety Code for Oxygen and Nitrogen gas line

Ø  SC-21 Safety Code for Handling Fuel Gas

Ø  SC-22 Safety Code for Energy isolation

Ø  SC-23 Safety Code for Safe handling of Liquid Metal

Ø  SC-24 Safety Code for Transportation in Steel Industry

Ø  SC-25 Safety Code for Loco Operation


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