Government of Karnataka revises the minimum rates of wages and VDA for the employment in silk textile industry

Aug 14, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour Compliance

The State Government of Karnataka has revised the minimum rates of wages and Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for the employment in silk textile industry with effect from April 01 to March 03, 2020.

The minimum rates of wages have been revised for certain class of employment:

1. GROUP – I (I-A) Silk Charaka and Silk Filature Establishments: Cocoon sorters, Cookers, Reelers, Charaka Turners, Twisters, Silk waste cleaners, Silk packers, Hank makers, Dryers, Waste pickers, Weighers, Oil fillers, Draft pickers, Bundlers and packers.

(I-B): Charaka Reelers, Fireman (Chargeman), Reelers, Twisters, Gill Roving Tenters, Ring frame boys, Banders, Gas Pinners, Soiling spinning boys, Coomb spinners

(I-C): Pressers, Gassers, Gas Plant Attender.

2. GROUP – 2 Twisting section (pure silk and art silk):

(II-A): Winders, Twisters, Doublers, Reelers

(II-B): Warpers, Twisting Assistant.

3. GROUP – 3 : Weaving Calendering and Processing section

(III-A): Pern winder, wrap assistant, card punchers, card lacers, back sizers, cloth examiners, hand and machine folder, back calendar man, hand sewer, stitcher, marker, bundler, fringer, hand ironing man, assistant machine man, scaping machine man, winchman, kirman, stenter machine man, washing man, bleaching man, hydro extractor machine man.

(III-B): Front calendar man, developing man, editing man, contrast pallary preparators & dyers.

(III-C): High speed warpers, designers, knitters or piecers, lace wrappers, weavers plain carpet weavers, finisher, printing machine man.

(III-D): Head designers, weavers dobby with drop box.

(III-E): Weavers (Jacquard)

(III-F): Other Fancy Weavers

4. Group – 4: Maintenance Section (Power Plant and Workshop)

(IV-A): Oil man, fire man, lorry cleaner, pump man, cobbler

(IV-B): Wireman, fitter, blacksmith, turners, shapers, plumbers, boiler attender, carpenter, mechanic, welders, engine driver, electrician, lorry driver, mechanical foreman, mason.

5. Group – 5: General Administration (Clerical)

(V-A): Mazdoor, Peon, Watchman, Waterman, Mali, Sweeper, Assistant

(V-B): Time Keeper

(V-C): Store Keeper

(V-D): Maistry, Supervisor, Jobber, clerk, typist, cashier, superviser

(V-E): Assistant Manager, Accountant

(V-F): Master, Manager

In addition to the basic wages, all category of employees in the state will be paid V.D.A at the rate of 4 paisa per point over and above 3944 points.


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