Tamil Nadu Government permits Shops and Establishments to keep open 24×7 for all days of the year initially for a period of three years

Jul 15, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government on May 28, 2019, has permitted all Shops and Establishments employing 10 or more persons to keep open for 24×7 on all days of the year, for a period of three years, unless it is revoked, subject to the following conditions, namely:

(1)    Every employee shall be given one day holiday in a week on rotation basis, and the details of every employee shall be provided in ‘Form-S’ and shall be exhibited by the employer in a conspicuous place in the establishments.

(2)    Every employer shall exhibit details of the employees who are on holiday/leave, on daily basis, in a conspicuous place in the establishments.

(3)    The wages including overtime wages of the employees shall be credited to their savings bank account.

(4)    An employer shall not require or allow any person employed to work therein for more than eight hours in any day and forty eight hours in any week and the period of work including over time shall not exceed ten and a half hours in any day and fifty-seven hours in a week.

(5)    If employees are found working on any holiday or after normal duty hours without proper indent of overtime, penal action will be initiated against the employer/manager.

(6)    Woman employee shall not be required to work beyond 8.00 p.m. on any day in normal circumstances. Provided that the employer after obtaining written consent of a women employee shall allow her to work between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am sunject to providing adequate protection of her dignity, honour and safety.

(7)     Transport arrangements shall be provided to the woman employee who works in shifts. A notice to this effect shall be exhibited at the main entrance of the establishment indicating the availability of transport.

(8)    The employees shall be provided with restroom, wash room, safety lockers and other basic amenities.

(9)    Every employer employing woman employee shall constitute Internal Complaints Committee against sexual harassment of women.

This Notification is available on Official Website.

[G.O. (Ms) No. 60]


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