Draft Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) Amendment Regulations, 2019

Jul 12, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on July 05, 2019, has published the draft Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) Amendment Regulations, 2019 to further amend the FSS (Alcoholic Beverages) Regulations, 2018.

The amendments made in the Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) Regulations, 2018 are:

In part-1, in Regulation 1.3.2: The tolerance limit for ethyl alcohol content shall be ± 0.3 percent (-0.5 percent for upto 90 ml pet bottle) for up to 20 percent, and ±1.0 percent (-1.5 percent for up to 90 ml pet bottle) for more than 20 percent above of the declared strength. In case of wine the tolerance limit shall be ± 0.5.

• For Regulation 1.3.9: Alcoholic beverage containing not more than 8.0 percent above may be called as low alcoholic beverage. Low Alcoholic beverages, other than wine and beer shall confirm to the requirements of Table-4.

 In Part 2, a new Regulation 2.1.3 has been inserted, specifying “Indian Brandy”: Indian brandy shall be made either from neutral spirit or rectified spirit or a mixture of both. On the label, the name 'Indian Brandy' shall be followed by a statement under bracket as 'made from molasses spirit' with a font size that is easily readable. The font size of the words 'Indian' and 'Brandy' shall be same.

 In Regulation 2.8.1(i), the Single malt or Single grain whisky is a distillate obtained from fermented mash that uses one particular malted barley or malted grain, respectively, distilled in pot still only, and produced in a single distillery.

 In Regulation, the Sparkling wine has a carbon dioxide content of minimum 7.0 g/l or 3.5 bar pressure at 20°C resulting solely from either the primary or the secondary fermentation of the wine within a closed container, tank or bottle. Based on the sugar content the sparkling wines may be of the following types: 

i) Brut: It has sugar content below 1.2 percent. 

ii) Extra-Dry: It contains more than 1.2 up to 1.7 percent sugar with a tolerance of 0.3 percent. iii) Dry: It contains more than 1.7 up to 3.2 percent sugar with a tolerance of 0.3 percent. 

iv) Semi-Dry: It is a wine which contains more than 3.2 up to 5.0 percent sugar. 

v) Sweet: It contains more than 5.0 percent sugar.

 In Regulation 3.1.3, the Fortified wine is a wine with high alcohol content achieved by the addition of alcohol (brandy or wine spirits or neutral spirit of agricultural origin) provided a minimum 7.0 percent comes from fermentation of grapes, grape must and fruits and used as aperitif or dessert wine. Fortified wine may be red or white, dry or sweet. 

Fortified wines are of following types: 

i. Sherry

ii. Port wines

iii. Aromatized wine

 In Regulation 5.1.1: The Pot distilled alcohol shall be labelled as ‘Pot- Still/Pot -Still Distilled/Pot- Distilled’ on the package.

 A new Table 4 has been inserted, namely “Requirements for Low Alcoholic Beverages other than wine and beer”.

Any persons likely to be affected thereby, are invited for objections and suggestions of the draft Regulations within thirty days from the date on which copies of the Official Gazette in which this notification is published are made available to the public. The objections and suggestions, if any, may be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Food and Drug Administration Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi – 110002, or may be sent through e-mail at [email protected].

[Notification F. No. Stds/SP(water and Beverages)/Notification(1)/FSSAI-2019]


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