DGS issues advisory for verification of certificates issued by MTI and other related matters

Jul 10, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

The Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) on July 02, 2019, has taken several steps to ensure that proper maritime education and training is provided in the Maritime Training Institutes (MIT) approved by the Directorate (DGS).

The Directorate is in receipt of many complaints from candidates and seafarers relating to cheating cases where the candidates are admitted to MITs through fraud agents who charge fees and lure innocents for employment.

Thus, the Directorate has initiated the process of verification of authenticity of certificates issued to candidates by the MTI on random sampling basis. The Directorate issues the following advisory:

1. The candidates undertaking any maritime course approved by the Directorate at any DGS approved Maritime Training Institute must ensure that they attend the complete course and not involve themselves in acquiring certificate of a course without attending the course. In case of any irregularity, the INDoS number of such candidate will be temporarily deactivated for further investigation.

2. The candidate who finds his INDoS number deactivated may submit objection evidence of his or her attendance to the Directorate within 15 days and for the candidate who is sailing onboard ship may submit objection within 15 days from the sign off date.

3. If the objective evidence submitted by the candidate is found satisfactory, the INDoS number shall be reactivated.

4. A serious disciplinary action like cancellation of INDoS number and Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate and other certificates for a minimum five years shall be initiated if a candidate fails to submit the evidence within the specified time.

5. The candidate must complete courses within one year and submit the documents to the Directorate prior to verification if the candidate informs that he/she has acquired certificate of the course through illegal means.

6. The candidates are advised to be careful from joining any MTI which is not approved by the Directorate.

7. The candidates are advised to be careful from fraud agents. The candidates should contact the MTI directly and pay the fees for a maritime course directly to the MTI.

8. The candidates are advised that anything related to admission should be done at the approved premises of the MTI.

9. The principal or head of the MTI shall ensure that the certificate details are correct. They should not sign any certificate without ensuring that the candidate has attended the course.

10. The MTIs are advised that all the principal or faculty or instructors employed meet the applicable DGS training circulars with regard to their age and qualification.

11. All the principal or faculty or instructors are advised to check the link regularly to ensure that the details provided are correct and MTI is not misusing their name.

12. The Directorate has decided to initiate strict disciplinary action like cancellation of INDoS number, Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate and other certificates of any principal or faculty or instructor found defaulting.

13. The principal or faculty or instructors employed with MTI are advised to ensure that their employment contracts are proper.

14. The principal or faculty or instructors are advised to use biometrics for attendance as per the DGS training Circulars and guidelines. The absence of biometric attendance, video recordings of practical training shall be treated as training not provided by the MTI and access to e-governance portal for uploading batch details will be denied.

This Circular will come into force with immediate effect.

[Training Circular No. 11 of 2019]


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