Amendments Proposed In Grid Code (Limited to Roles of GCC)

Mar 29, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission (JSERC) on March 29, 2019, has proposed certain amendments in GRID CODE (limited to roles of GCC).

Scope of regulation and extent of application:

Ø  These regulations shall apply to:

(1)    State Load Despatch Centre;

(2)    State Transmission Utility;

(3)    Intra-State Transmission Licensee (s);

(4)    Generating Stations in the State;

(5)    Distribution Licensee (s)

(6)    User who is connected to and/or uses the State Electricity Grid;

Provided that the Commission may issue directions relieving any Transmission Licensee or User, either suo-motu or based on an application submitted by such Transmission Licensee or User, of their obligations to implement or comply with the State Grid Code to the extent as may be stipulated in the directions:

Provided further that the provisions under these Regulations shall be construed in consistency with the ‘Grid Code’ notified by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Ø  Transmission Licensee and User having connections to the State Grid system as on date of notification of these Regulations shall be given a maximum period of one year to comply with the following requirements under these Regulations:

(i)            Entering into a connection agreement;

(ii)          Developing Site Responsibility Schedules;

(iii)         Developing Single Line Diagrams; and

(iv)        Developing Site Common Drawings.

Ø  The date of applicability of provisions related to Free Governor Action of these Regulations will be consistent with relevant provisions as provided in the Grid Code specified by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Click here to download the Draft Regulations.


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