Tripura Infrastructure Investment Fund Scheme, 2019

Jun 19, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

The Tripura Finance Department on June 04, 2019, has issued Tripura Infrastructure Investment Fund Scheme, 2019, for the establishment of a fund for investments in infrastructure projects in the State and for matters concerned therewith.

Eligibility of Undertakings for assistance:

Subject to the provision of the Tripura Infrastructure Investment Fund Board Act, 2018, any Government department of State Government, undertakings including public agency, Special Purpose Vehicle, Joint Venture Company and any other government entity administered or aided by State Government shall be eligible for seeking assistance from the Fund.

Further Scheme includes:

Ø  Establishments of the Fund;

Ø  Financial assistance and the mode of assistance;

Ø  Approval and sanction procedure; Basic Documents to be submitted; Disbursement Procedure;

Ø  Security assistance; Interest and Penal charges; Repayment of assistance;

Ø  Introduction of Implementation and Performance Contract System; Monitoring System;

Ø  Investment of Surplus Funds;

Ø  Meeting of the Board;

Ø  Fees and Allowances;

Ø  Manner in which the accounts shall be kept by the Tripura Infrastructure Investment Fund Board, Procedure for defraying the expenditure incurred for administration of the Fund, the audit of accounts and the submission of reports to the Government

 [Notification No. F.1(79)/FIN(B)/2019]


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