Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Amendment) Regulations, 2019

Jun 18, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

The Goa Town & Country Planning Department on June 14, 2019, has published the Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Amendment) Regulations, 2019.

The Draft Regulations was published vide Notification No. 21/1/TCP(A)/ /2018/Steering Committee/2398 dated December 26, 2018, for the objections and suggestions from all persons likely to be affected within a period of 30 days from the date of publication of the said Notification and to further amend the Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Amendment) Regulations, 2010 and

Whereas, the Goa Town and Country Planning Department considered the Objections and suggestions and notified the final Regulations called ‘Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Amendment) Regulations, 2019’.

Some of the major amendment in the Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Amendment) Regulations, 2010, are as under:

Ø  Under Regulation 3.1 which specifies that Development to be in conformity with relevant Acts, Rules and Regulations there under:

After the words “Competent Authority”, the expression “However, no permission under these Regulations shall be required for setting up solar farm including construction, operation and office set up thereof subject to 2% of the total area of farm and maximum of 200 sq.mts. per MW as envisaged in the Goa State Solar Policy, 2017 subject to obtaining NOC from Agriculture Department and approval of the Government on a case to case basis” has been inserted.

Ø  Under Regulation 3.5A(b) which specifies the Signing provisions, after item (vi) the following items has been inserted, namely:

a)      Engineer-Diploma

b)      Supervisor (Civil)

Ø  Insertion of new regulation 3.5C: The Government may by an order published in the Official Gazette make securing of any or all the permissions namely, Development permission, Technical clearance, Construction license, Completion order and occupancy certificate and also issuance of the same compulsorily in online or offline mode, as may be, as specified in such order.

Ø  Insertion of new regulation 5A: Regulations for Shopping Mall cum multiplex.

Ø  Under Regulation 20.1 which specifies the Registration of Architect/Engineer/Structural Engineer/Town Planner/Landscape Architect/Urban Designer, the following expression shall be added at the end, namely:

However, no registration shall be required for Structural Engineers, Engineers and other professionals employed with Government Departments and undertakings having the required qualification as per these regulations in case of land development and building construction by the Government, Government owned corporations, autonomous bodies and local bodies.

[Notification No. 21/1/TCP/2019/Steering Committee/1006]


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