Disclosure of Environmental Management Framework for World Bank assisted India Food Processing and Value Addition Project

May 03, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) has proposed to implement World Bank assisted “India Food Processing and Value Addition Project (IFPVAP)” for promotion of unorganized food processing sector in States of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

The objective of the Project is to modernize and enhance the competitiveness of the unorganized segment of the food processing industry in selected States. This will be achieved by supporting the creation of more favorable economic, financial, and regulatory frameworks for micro food processing enterprises to upgrade, grow and compete in the domestic and global markets.

MoFPI facilitated the arrangements for field visits and interaction with the stakeholders including State Governments. The comments may be submitted on the draft Social Management Framework (Page 2) at the email id [email protected] on or before May 03, 2019 by 05.00 PM.

•The key components of the India Food Processing and Value Addition Pilot Program (IFPVAPP) are:

Enabling the business environment for the food processing industry.

Strengthening capacities of support providers for food processing enterprises

Enhancing Food processing micro enterprises to improve performance and competitiveness

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge sharing

•Need, objective, approach and Methodology of Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Framework for IFPVAPP:

A.Environmental assessment is generally undertaken in order to predict environmental impacts of any development activity and to provide an opportunity to mitigate against negative impacts and enhance positive impacts.

B.The Environmental assessment and resultant Environmental Management Framework (EMF) for IFPVAPP will ensure that potential adverse impacts are adequately mitigated and potential benefits of the project are enhanced to improve effectiveness and sustainability of the project. 

C.Scope of work for the environmental assessment and for the development of environment management frameworks involves:

Identification of key environmental issues and challenges in relation to proposed project

Activities at the national level and state level and sample districts of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. 

As part of EA, all four states should be covered with two districts in each, one of which should be aspirational district.

D.Key components of EMF which is developed as part of this study involves:

1.Impact Mitigation and Action plan

2.Positive Environmental Outcomes

3.Negative List

4.Clauses for Inclusion in Bid document

5.Specific Strategies, Implementation Arrangements and Monitoring Plan

6.Trainings and Capacity Enhancement

7.Provisional budget for EMF

E.Approach for undertaking the environmental assessment also involves certain steps.


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