GST applicability on Seed Certification Tags

May 02, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Department of Revenue on April 30, 2019, has issued clarification on applicability of GST on supply of Seed Certification Tags.

Representations have been received by the Department of Revenue seeking clarification regarding applicability of GST on supply of Seed Certification Tags. Reference in this regard has also been received from the State of Tamil Nadu.

The matter has been examined. It is seen that the process of seed testing and certification followed in the state of Tamil Nadu, as prescribed in the Seeds Act, 1966 and elaborated in the Manual on Seed Production and Certification, published by Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Chennai, involves the following steps:

Application for seed production

Registration of sowing report

Field inspection

Seed processing

Seed sample and seed analysis

Tagging and sealing

Seed testing and certification is a multi-stage process, the charges for which are collected from the seed producers at different stages. Supply of seed tags to the seed producer is nothing but an element of the one integrated supply of seed testing and certification. All the charges, including those for issue of seed certificates/tags by the Seed Certification Agency of Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand to the seed producing organization/ companies are collected for the composite supply of seed testing and certification, which is exempt under Notification No. 12/2017-Central Tax (Rate). This clarification would apply to supply of seed tags by seed testing and certification agencies of other states also following similar seed testing and certification procedure.

However, the State Governments/Seed Certification Agencies may get the tags used in seed certification printed from other departments/ manufacturers outside. Supply of seed tags by the other departments/manufacturers to the State Government/Seed Certification Agencies is a supply of goods liable to tax.

[Circular No. 100/19/2019-GST]

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