Implementation of PGA eSANCHIT - Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations by PGAs

Nov 14, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) on November 13, 2018 has issued a Circular regarding Implementation of PGA eSANCHIT-Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by Participating Government Agencies (PGAs).

·         With the objective of further reducing physical interface between Customs/regulatory agencies and the trade and to increase the speed of clearance in both Imports &Exports, it is proposed by CBIC to introduce a facility to upload digitally signed Licenses / Permits / Certificates / Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) on eSANCHIT at all ICES locations across India from November 16, 2018. As of now it is proposed to cover only the following PGAs and documents in imports and exports as detailed below:


S. No.

Name    of participating Government Agency (PGA)

Document Code

Name    of License/ Permit/Certificate / Other Authorizations (LPCO)


Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB)

6261 WC

CITES Certificate


Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)


Extended Producers Responsibility Authorization (EPRA)


Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO)


Import License for drugs


·         The beneficiaries i.e. the importers/exporters/customs brokers would not be allowed to upload the above-mentioned LPCOs on eSANCHIT with effect from November 16, 2018. In order to avoid inconveniences to the trade, initially the facility shall be implemented with 1 document of each PGA mentioned above. More documents and other PGAs would be brought onto eSANCHIT in due course. Further, to facilitate the members of the trade (beneficiaries), the PGAs are required to upload the LPCOs issued by them during the last 15 days from the date of implementation of this facility / project. Any utilized LPCOs issued on  a prior date may also be uploaded by the PGAs on eSANCHIT, in order to enable the beneficiary to utilize the same.

·         In this regard, reference has been invited to CBIC Circular No. 35/2018-Customs dated October 01, 2018 wherein, beneficiaries were advised to register on ICEGATE website to enable the PGAs to link the LPCOs to their IEC/GSTN and email ID. It may be noted that such registration has been pre-requisite for the new facility and only after the beneficiary has been registered on ICEGATE, would the unique Image Reference Number (IRN) for the LPCO uploaded by PGA be communicated to the beneficiary. This IRN would then be used by the beneficiary to link the LPCO with the Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill for customs clearance.

·         The user manual for uploading the LPCO by PGAs and to tag this document with the Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill by the beneficiary is available on ICEGATE website.

·         In case the LPCO uploaded by the PGA has been amended for any reason, the amended LPCO has been required to be uploaded on eSANCHIT and the new IRN shall be quoted during consequential amendment of B/E or S/B.

·         In case the beneficiary does not tag the IRN of LPCO uploaded by the PGA with the B/E or S/B, he/she may tag that IRN (LPCO uploaded by PGA) with the corresponding Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill by submitting an amendment at the Service Centre. This procedure will also apply when the beneficiary has already filed Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill, however, later on the PGA  uploads an amended LPCO on eSANCHIT.

[Circular No. 44/ 2018-Customs]



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