Government of Tamil Nadu issues Draft Notification on Rates of Minimum Wages for Employment in Oil Industry

Nov 12, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Government of Tamil Nadu on November 07, 2018 has issued a draft notification giving the rates of minimum wages for employment in Oil Industry.

Notice is hereby given that any objection or suggestion, which may be received from any person with respect thereto, on or before January 12, 2019, will be considered by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Objection or suggestion, if any, should be addressed to the Principal Secretary to Government, Labour and Employment Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009 through the Commissioner of Labour, DMS Campus, Chennai - 600 006.

Pay Scale has been bifurcated on the basis of following categories:

        I.            Office Staff

      II.            Skilled Workers

    III.            Unskilled Workers


1.       Dearness Allowance:  In addition to the minimum rates of basic wages fixed above,’ the employees shall be paid dearness allowance as indicated below:-

i.         The dearness allowance is linked to the Average Chennai City Consumer Price Index for the year 2010, that is 161 points (with base 2001=100) and for every raise of one point over and above 161 points, an increase of Rs.35.80 (Rupees thirty five and paise eighty only) per month shall be paid as Dearness Allowance

ii.       The Dearness Allowance shall be calculated every year on the first April on the basis of the average of the indices for the preceding twelve months, that is from January to December.

iii.      The first calculation shall thus be effective from the date of publication of this Notification in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette, based on the Average Chennai City Consumer Price Index of the previous year.

2.       Where the nature of work is the same, no distinction in the payment of wage shall be made between men and women employees.

3.        a.    To arrive at daily rates of wages, the monthly wages shall be divided by 26.

        b.    To arrive at monthly rates of wages, the daily wages shall be multiplied by 30.

4.       Wherever the existing wages are higher than the minimum wages fixed herein, the same shall be continued to be paid.


[No.II(2)/LE/953/201] [Page 3]




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