Maharashtra Government issues Instructions on Submission of Details of Sales through Online Ledger Confirmation Utility

Oct 25, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The State Government of Maharashtra on October 24, 2018 has issued a Trade Circular regarding submission of details of sales through Online Ledger Confirmation Utility.


The Government of Maharashtra had issued a Trade Circular No. 24T of 2018 dated September 21, 2018 where it mandate the buyer, under certain circumstances, to submit electronic evidence (Ledger confirmation) in support of his set-off claim. Further, in order to confirm the said set- off claim, the supplier, who has effected the sales, to the extent of un- match or mis-match, was required to submit the details about such sales (un-match or mis-match), through an Online Ledger Confirmation Utility facility.

After issuance of Trade Circular No. 24T of 2018many representations have been received from the Trade as also Departmental Authorities expressing the difficulties that are faced in adhering to the procedure laid down in that Trade Circular. The representations so received are examined. Accordingly, in supersession of the said Trade Circular No. 24T of 2018dated September 21 2018, the following procedure / methodology shall be provided so as to confirm the set-off passed on by the supplier and claimed by the buyer.

The brief procedure for uploading the invoice-wise details on the New Ledger Utility, are as under:

o   Introduction:

a)      The Ledger Confirmation Utility shall be available for the dealer who desires to include those transaction of sales which are not entered by him in his Original and/or Supplementary Annexure J-1 in case files earlier.

b)      Once the information uploaded cannot be changed, modified or corrected.

c)       A dealer can upload/file multiple Ledger Confirmations for Same Financial Year. However, after uploading a Ledger Confirmation for a particular Financial Year, no subsequent Confirmations shall be allowed for that particular Financial Year for next 48 hours.

d)      It may be noted that in the cases where the Ledger Confirmations involving one or more buyers and where the invoice wise details of sales to be given are more than 500, then in such cases, notwithstanding anything contained in the Circular, the supplier may give said Ledger Confirmation TIN wise instead of giving the same invoice wise. For this in column “Invoice Number” and “Invoice Date” the supplier may put “Invoice number” and “invoice date” of the last invoice of the last month.

e)      It may be noted that it is mandatory to file Form 704 (in the case of 704-Eligible dealers) for the Financial Year for which online Ledger Confirmation is to be submitted.  


o   Procedure to be followed for using Online Ledger Confirmation Utility:

(i)      Ledger Confirmation Utility Template:

Dealers who want to give Ledger Confirmation through Ledger Confirmation Utility are required to visit portal of the department

(ii)    Procedure for filing Ledger Confirmation Utility:

Dealers are required to follow the instructions in the “General Instructions” work-sheet carefully for filing Ledger Confirmation Utility.

(iii)   Declaration Form

(iv)  Ledger Confirmation Details:

Dealers are required to fill all the mandatory and relevant information in the Ledger Confirmation Details sheet.

o   Procedure shall be followed by the Dealers for uploading and submitting file on the System by login to the Departmental portal .

o   Upload Ledger Confirmation.

o   Dealer can view Historical Confirmation on “View Historical Ledger Confirmation” Link and can download Ledger Confirmation.   


·         Instructions for tax Officers:

Online Ledger Confirmation submitted by dealers will be available on SAP portal to Assessing Authority. To view online Ledger Confirmation uploaded by the dealer, Tax Officer has to follow certain steps by log-in into SAP NET WEAVER using log-in credentials.


All the instructions given in the Trade Circular shall apply mutatis-mutandis to the pending appeal proceedings. The instructions given in the Trade Circular shall remain in force till the March 31, 2019.

[Trade Circular No.30T of 2018]




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