FSSAI’s special drive for ensuring Safe and Quality Milk and Milk Products during Festivals

Oct 19, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on October 16, 2018 has advised States/Union Territories (UTs) to take up Special drive on surveillance of milk and milk products (specifically products like khoa, paneer, dahi, ghee etc.) for ensuring safe and quality milk and milk products during festivals.

Preparation and handling of dairy products under unhygienic conditions and its storage without temperature control results in bacteriological contamination and quick deterioration of quality. It is observed by FSSAI that milk products such as khoa are prepared months in advance of the festival seasons and stored under unhygienic conditions leading to poor microbial quality and visible growth of fungus etc. Likewise, dahi is transported in bulk in rusted tin containers from places of production to distant markets leading to microbial contamination and deterioration during transit. On the basis of a nation-wide consultation with various stakeholders, FSSAI has identified some common adulterants used in milk and milk products. The list has been given in Annexure (page2).

While economically motivated adulteration of milk and milk products invariably results in cheating of consumers, use of certain types of adulterants can also lead to a negative impact on their health. At the same time, heavy microbial contamination and the consequent presence of microbial toxins in such products also pose a serious threat to the health of consumers.

In view of the above, States/UTs are advised by the FSSAI to take up special drive on surveillance of milk and milk products (specifically products like khoa, paneer, dahi, ghee etc.) with respect to their microbiological quality and presence of adulterants, and compliment such surveillance activities with adequate enforcement drive particularly during the festive season ahead.

[F.No. 04(37)2017/States/RCD/FSSAI-2018]

URL: https://fssai.gov.in/home/compliance/compliance-orders.html


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