Government of Maharashtra ban the Sale, Distribution and Use of Certain Insecticides for 6 months

Oct 03, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The State Government of Maharashtra is of the opinion, for the reasons such as:

(a)    Large number of farm labourers and farmers have been reported to have been exposed to poisoning, out of which over 63 have lost their lives, after using insecticides, specified in the Schedule, in the whole State of Maharashtra;

(b)   The occurrences of insecticides poisoning has again arise in the State. In these occurrences, 33 farm labourers and farmers are admitted in the various hospitals for the treatment of the insecticides poisoning since the month of July, 2018;

(c)    These insecticides are either extremely or highly toxic or moderately toxic, but have highly toxic effect due to use for blending in an unauthorised manner;

(d)   The Government of Maharashtra has requested Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee, Faridabad by its proposal dated March 27, 2018, to ban these insecticides to distribute, sale or use, permanently.

The Central Government is still reviewing and enquiring the said proposal. In view of hazardous nature of these insecticides and repeated occurrences of insecticides poisoning, it is in urgent need to ban for further sale, distribution and use of these insecticides during the period of review and enquiry by the Central Government in the proposal which has submitted by the State Government;

The use of the insecticides specified in the said Schedule or any batches thereof or any combinations of such insecticides is likely to involve risk to human beings or animals.

Therefore, in exercise of the powers under the Insecticides Act, 1968, the Government of Maharashtra has now prohibited the sale, distribution or use of the insecticides or any batches thereof or any combinations thereof, as specified in the Schedule below, in the whole of the State of Maharashtra, for the period of 60 days, from the date of publication of the notification in the Official Gazette, pending investigation into the matter.

Name of the Insecticide or combination


Percentage with Formulation for use


Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4%

EC 40%+4% EC

Fipronil 40% + Imidacloprid 40% WG

40%+40% WG

Acephate 75% SP

75% SP

Difenthiron 50% WP

50% WP

Monochrotophos 36% SL

36% SL


[No. CPS. 1117/C.R. 204/17- A] [Section: Part 4 – A, Extraordinary No. 183 dated September, 2018)]





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