PESO issues Pre- Launch Guidelines for Implementation of System for Explosives Tracking and Tracing

Sep 07, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Industry Specific Compliance

The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) is in the process of developing the “System for Explosives Tracking and Tracing (SETT)”. It was intimated that the pasting/printing of 2D data matrix barcode on outer box of each type of explosives manufactured in the country is to be made mandatory after the launch of provisions of Phase-1 of SETT in October, 2018. The objective of SETT is to develop system for effective tracking of every explosive right from the Manufacturer to the user end, throughout the supply chain and integrating SETT to the existing Explosives Returns System (ERS) and the Explosives Licensing Module of PESO.

The project is proposed to be implemented in three phases as follows;

a.       Phase-1: Level-1 barcode-Printing or pasting of 2D (data matrix) barcodes along with alphanumeric human readable characters (below 2D barcode) on the outer packages of all types of explosives.

b.      Phase-2 : Level-2 barcode-Printing of barcodes on intermediate (inner) packages, each bundle of cartridge of class-2 explosives (if applicable), each bundle of class-2 & class-3 cast booster (if applicable), each spool of detonating fuse and each bunch of detonators.

c.       Phase-3: Level-3 barcode- Printing of barcode on each individual unit left in phase-2

Pursuant to the meeting held with Chief Controller of Explosives and High Explosives Manufacturers, the Standard Software Module has been developed and all the High Explosives Manufacturers had submitted the requisite data online. The data was standardized and codified with respect to following:

                     Sandardization of all physical parameters pertaining to every authorized explosive.

                     Standardization of packing patterns of every explosive

                     Standardization of every factory location and every manufacturing building

                     Allocating manufacture's code to every manufacture.

                     Allocating brand ID and size code to every authorized explosive.

The aforesaid codified allocated standardized data in respect of every Explosives Manufacturer  has been shared with the explosive manufacturer, through their respective ERS login in the month of June 2018.

As deliberated in the aforesaid meetings the implementation of Project SETT is planned in three phases. Under Phase-I, the implementation of SETT at the Box level for all the explosives products is scheduled at the end of October 2018.A detailed guidelines with respect to the pre-requisites for the SETT implementation process, methodology, the format, size, data to be incorporated in the 2D - data matrix bar code, etc is appended as Annexure-I.

All the High Explosives manufacturers are being requested to get themselves ready for the re-engineering of the manufacturing process as per the requirements of SETT and switching over to SETT from the present ERS The Licensees holding licenses in Form LE-3 and LE-4 of the Explosives Rules, 2008 are also requested to get themselves acquainted with the requirements and procedures be adopted for data entry prior to migrating to SETT from the present ERS. A fortnightly report may also be forwarded by the High Explosives Manufacturers to PESO updating the progress made by them.

[No. D-18018/04/2013/PESO/SETT (TECH)]



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