Guidelines for the use of FSSAI Logo

Sep 05, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), on September 04, 2018, has published the guidelines for the use of FSSAI logo.

The guidelines for use of “FSSAI and/or its initiatives” logos by various Government/semi government/CSOs/private organisations/associations/development partners are as under:

1.       Use of logo without any permission: 

·         The use of logo will be permissible for any function, event, seminar, conference, campaign etc directly organized by the State / Union Territory (UT) Governments. For all other events, specific prior approval of the FSSAI shall be obtained. 

·         Use of logo mentioned in FSSAI’s Voluntary/ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Participation Guidelines.

2.       Use of logo for Events, Publications, Websites / Portals

I.                    Permission for use of logo for / during events/seminars/ campaigns etc. other than those organized by the FSSAI, States and Union Territories would be considered on case to case basis, keeping in view the following: 

·         nature and importance of the event

·         profile / track record of the organisers 

·         profile of participants and delegates

·         other deliverables offered by way of exhibition space at the venue, distribution of FSSAI’s publicity material in the delegates, kits, etc.

II.                  Requests for use of the FSSAI logo on publications, websites / portals would be considered on merit of each case.

3.       Use of logo for programmes on Electronic Media

Requests received for use of the FSSAI logo for programmes on electronic media, such as quiz competitions, debates, discussions, food shows or any other would be considered on merit of each case, keeping in view the following: 

·         nature of the programme 

·         profile / track record of the producers of the programme 

·         target audience 

·         contents of the programme and inclusion of food safety/nutrition related content in the programme 

·         extent to which the programme would help in increasing awareness about food safety and nutrition.

4.       Procedure for grant of permission for use of logo under categories 2 & 3 

·         All requests will be sent to FSSAI, FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi in the attached format. 

·         All requests for use of logo would be examined on the basis of above mentioned guidelines and the merit of the case and will be approved by the CEO, FSSAI.

·         FSSAI will be within its right to seek any additional detail in respect of requests for use of logo before taking any decision. 

·         All requests must be sent to FSSAI at least 30 days in advance along with complete details as enumerated above.

5.       There shall be no financial commitment/liability attached to the FSSAI while agreeing to allow use of FSSAI and/or its initiatives logos.

6.       Permission accorded by FSSAI for use of the logo would be subject to :  The right of the FSSAI to withdraw permission for use of its logo by giving sufficient notice  The right of the FSSAI to view the proposed design and layout of its logo usage, prior to finalization of the same.

7.       If use of FSSAI and/or its initiatives logo is approved, it shall have to be shown/displayed prominently in the banner, backdrop etc.

8.       The organizer will be responsible for copyright issues concerning usage of images, footages, text material etc. FSSAI will not be a party to any disputes arising out of copyright violation by the organizer.

9.       The permission to use logo will not confer any right to the organizer to secure sponsorship, collect money etc. from any source using the name of FSSAI.

10.   Use of FSSAI’s logo if permitted, shall not be used in any way that deliberately or inadvertently claims, suggests, or in FSSAI’s sole judgment gives the appearance or impression of endorsement of a particular product or company by FSSAI.

11.   FSSAI may impose any further conditions, if needed while agreeing to use of FSSAI/its initiatives logo.

The FSSAI has also stated that these guidelines do not restrict the usage of FSSAI logo on packaged food products.



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