CPCB revises guidelines for environmental management of Dairy Farms and Gaushalas

Sep 24, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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EHS Compliance

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on September 22, 2020 has issued guidelines for environmental management of dairy Farms and gaushalas. The dairy Farm and gaushalas have been categorized under Orange and Green category. The guidelines are uploaded on CPCB website and can be accessed through the link.

These guidelines are to be implemented by SPCBs/PCCs and a report of status of compliance is to be provided to CPCB by SPCBs/PCCs in two months for submission to National Green Tribunal (NGT). The main environmental issues of dairy farms and gaushalas are discharges of dung and urinal wastewater. The disposal of cow/buffalo dung is biggest challenge in dairy farms and Gaushalas. However, cattle dung, if effectively used can be a resource of manure and energy.

The revised guidelines for environmental management of Dairy Farms and Gaushalas are as follow:

Solid Waste Management: 

• The floor should be kept clean the dung should be collected at regular intervals. 

• The premises should be disinfected and sanitised at regular intervals. 

• The dungs and urinal should not be washed near the sewage so that the clogging does not happen.

• The practice of composting and bio-gas production shall be followed. 

Wastewater Management: 

• Water usage should not exceed 150 litres a day. 

• The water discharged should eb adequately treated according to the standards given by the SPCB. 

Air Quality Management: 

• The animal housing should be adequately ventilated allowing proper supply of fresh air. 

• Proper sanitary conditions should be maintained. 

• Tree plantation should be carried out near the premises to alleviate the smell from the dairy farms and gaushalas. 

• Dairy Farms should be located 500 metres away from the city limits and should not be in flood prone areas.

• They should be 200 metres away from the National Highways and 100 metres away from the State Highways. 

[Notification no- CPCB/IPC-IV/NGT/Dairy/2020/2447]


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