WDRA starts online process for registration of warehouse

Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA) in order to fast track the registration process and put in place a transparent system of registration and its tracking, WDRA has developed an online system of registration of warehouses belonging to different categories of applicant along with other related activities viz. payment of application fee, application processing, submission of physical inspection, security deposit and issue of online registration certificate.

W.e.f. November 01, 2017 all the applications for registration of warehouses with WDRA shall be submitted online after logging in to the new portal of WDRA i.e. http://wdra.gov.in detailed instructions for submission of online registration applications may be seen at url: http://wdra.gov.in/web/wdra/orders/circulars/notification.

As per the new system it is required that all the applicants for warehouse registration first register at the WDRA portal and after getting their log in credentials generated, sign in at the portal to proceed further with the online submission of applications.

[F.No.WDRA/2017/1-1 (1) Tech/807]


URL: https://wdra.gov.in/documents/32110/175917/Circular+for+online+process+of+registration%28Oct+18%2C2017%29.pdf/3986a1e8-a94b-7ce1-dba5-633047e62a5d