Tripura Cyber Security Policy, 2018

May 09, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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General Compliance

The Governor of Tripura, on May 02, 2018 has approved the Cyber Security Policy for the State of Tripura.

The objective of the Policy is:

·       To create a secure cyber ecosystem in the State, generate adequate trust & confidence in IT systems and transactions in cyberspace and thereby enhance adoption of IT in all sectors of the economy.

·       To create an assurance framework for design of security policies and for promotion and enabling actions for compliance to global security standards and best practices by way of conformity assessment (product, process, technology & people)

·       To strengthen the Regulatory framework for ensuring a Secure Cyberspace ecosystem.

·       To create a workforce of professionals skilled in cyber security in the next 5 years through capacity building, skill development and training.

·       To provide fiscal benefits to businesses for adoption of standard security practices and processes.

·       To enable protection of information while in process, handling, storage & transit so as to safeguard privacy of citizen's data and for reducing economic losses due to cyber crime or data theft.

·       To enable effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cyber crime and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities through appropriate legislative intervention.

·       To engage information security professionals / organisations to assist e-Governance initiatives and ensure conformance to security best practices.

The Tripura Cyber Security Policy, 2018 shall be applicable in the State from the issue date of the notification, till further notification/ order in this regard.

The policy guidelines of the Cyber Security Policy for the State of Tripura mainly focus on following areas:

·       Cyber grievance redressal efforts

·       Cyber forensics

·       Computer Emergency Response Team

·       Establishment of Cyber Security standard and practices

·       Establishment of role of Government at Cyber Space

[No. F. 17(11)/DIT/IT/2017/1909-2021]



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