TRAI clarifies that Network Capacity Fee for Second/Additional Connection is not mandatory

Feb 11, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on February 08, 2019 has clarified that Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for Second / Additional Connection is not mandatory.

TRAI has notified the ‘New Regulatory Framework’ which has come into effect on December 29, 2018. However, to provide sufficient time to subscribers for excising their option, TRAI provided time up to January 31, 2019 and all the Distribution Platform Owners (DPOs) are require to migrate the subscribers as per their choice with effect from February 01, 2019.

Few Subscribers have raised the issue regarding the price of the second/ multi TV connection at home. It has been clarified by TRAI that the Regulation provides a capping of Rs.130/- as NCF for 100 SD Channel and Rs. 20/- for the slab of next 25 SD Channels. Further, the regulation does not prohibit the service providers to offer discount or lower NCF for Second / additional connections in same location/ home. However, it may be noted that such discount shall be uniform in the target market area of respective TV Channel distributor and duly declared by the Distribution Platform Operator (DPI) on their website. Pursuant to the same now few service providers have started offering the discount / complete wave off of NCF on second/ additional TV connections in home.

Consumer has complete freedom to choose their desired 100 Standard Definition (SD) channels within the NCF of maximum Rs. 130/-. The desired channels could be in a-la-carte free to Air channels or Pay channels or bouquet of pay channels or any combination thereof. The choice completely rests with the consumers.

It has also come to notice of TRAI that some subscribers have taken long term packs prior to implementation of the regulation. They were concerned if they can continue to avail the services for the contracted period in new framework also. In this regard, it is clarified that consumers can continue to get the services for the contract period without any change in terms and conditions if they so desire. However, consumers have freedom to choose the channels of their choice if they exercise this option. Then money for the remaining period shall be adjusted against the channel so selected by the subscribers.

In case any further clarifications or details are required the following officers may be contacted:

(a)    Shri Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, Advisor – II (B&CS), TRAI at 011-23237922 or amail at [email protected]; or

(b)   Shri Arvind Kumar, Advisor – I/III (B&CS), TRAI at 011-23220209 or email at [email protected]

[Press Release No. 10/2019]


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