Tamil Nadu Government further extends the Time Limit for filing of FORM GSTR-4

The Government of Tamil Nadu has made amendments in Notification No. 10/2017 [Rc.085/2016/Taxation/A1] dated the October 13, 2017 to extend the time limit for furnishing the return by a composition supplier, in FORM GSTR-4, under Section 39(6) of the Tamil Nadu Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 read with Rule 168 of the Tamil Nadu Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017 for the quarter July to September, 2017 from November 15, 2017 to December 24, 2017.

 [S.O. 284][G.O. (Ms) No.169]

URL: https://ctd.tn.gov.in/documents/10184/249230/GO+%28Ms.%29+No.169/36fed63c-d84d-4694-9cfb-0fd323b8311f?version=1.1