Jun 01, 2018

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gases vide notification dated May 30, 2018 proposes to amend the definition of ‘Petroleum’ under clause (k) of Rule 3 of the Petroleum & Natural Gas Rules, 1959. Comments/feedback of public/stakeholders are invited on the proposed Draft Amendment in the definition of ‘Petroleum’.

The Central Government drafts Petroleum and Natural Gas (Amendment) Rules, 2018.further to amend the Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules, 1959

Clause (k) rule 3 of Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules, 1959 has been substituted as following

”Petroleum means naturally occurring hydrocarbons, whether in the form of natural gas or in a liquid, viscous or solid form, or a mixture thereof, however, will not include Helium occurring in association with petroleum or coal or shale”.

The comments/feedback, if any, may be submitted within 15 (Fifteen) days hereof at E-mail – usexp.png@nic.in  or by post.

[G.S.R.512 (E )]

URL- http://egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2018/186012.pdf

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