Ministry of Labour & Employment has issued version 2.0 of draft Labour Code on Social Security & Welfare

Mar 05, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Ministry of Labour & Employment vide circular dated March 1, 2018 has prepared version 2,0 of the Code on Social Security 2018 by amalgamating all existing Labour Laws related to Social Security (total 15 Labour Laws including-

·       EPF Act

·       ESI Act

·       Maternity Benefit Act

·       Payment of Gratuity Act

·       Employees Compensation Act

·       Unorganlsed Social Security Act, and

·       Various Welfare Cess /Fund Acts).

Any Objection or suggestion on the said draft rules may be sent to the J K, Singh, Under Secretary (LRC), Ministry of Labour & Employment, Room No. 17, ShrarnShaktrBhavan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi — 110001 (Email:[email protected]), within one month from the date on which the copies of this notification as published in the Official Gazette, are made available to the public.

In order to facilitate proper consideration, the comments/suggestions on the draft Code must be in following format:

Section / Sub—Section / Clause / Proviso of the Code

Issue/Problem identified in the clause

Proposed Change/ correction that should be made

Reason for proposed change









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