MCA introduces Condonation of Delay Scheme, 2018

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has introduced a scheme for Condonation of delay. The scheme is an opportunity given for non-compliant, defaulting companies to rectify the default and to become compliant. This scheme will be known as “Condonation of Delay Scheme 2018" [CODS-2018]” and will be effective from January 01, 2018 up to March 31, 2018. The MCA circular also contains Form-e-CODS 2018 which can be utilized for making an application to ROC under above mentioned scheme.

However, this scheme shall not apply to the filing of documents other than the following overdue documents:

·       Form 20B/MGT-7- Form for filing company having share capital;

·       Form 21A/MGT-7- Particulars of Annual return Annual return for the company not having share capital;

·       Form 23AC, 23ACA, 23AC-XBRL, 23ACA-XBRL, AOC-4, AOC-4(CFS), AOC (XBRL) and AOC-4(non-XBRL) - Forms for filing Balance Sheet/Financial Statement and profit and loss account;

·       Form 66 - Form for submission of Compliance Certificate with the Registrar;

·       Form 238/ADT-1- Form for intimation for Appointment of Auditors.    

 [File N o.02/04/2017-CL-V; General Circular No.16/2017]