IBBI Circular for Use of Registration Number and Registered Address in all communications by Insolvency professional

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has issued a circular for stating of information of Insolvency Professional (IP) in any type of communication with any a stakeholder or an authority. The IP shall predominantly state following details in his any communication:

·       Name, address and email, as registered with the IBBI;

·       Registration Number as an insolvency professional granted by the IBBI;

·       Capacity in which he is communicating (Example: As Interim Resolution Professional of XYZ Limited, As Resolution Professional of ABC Limited, etc.).


URL: http://ibbi.gov.in/webadmin/pdf/whatsnew/2018/Jan/CIRP%20l_2018-01-03%2018:41:16.pdf