May 23, 2018

Ministry of Civil Aviation vide notification dated April 12, 2018 has drafted Ministry of Civil Aviation (Height Restriction for Safeguarding of Aircraft Operation (Amendment) Rules, 2018. They shall come into force from the date of final publication in official gazette.

After Rule 9 which relates to processing of No Objection Certificate following rule shall be inserted:

·         9A-Validity and Renewal- The validity or the No Objection Certificate shall be 8 years from the date of issue. One-lime renewal without assessment may be allowed up to 4 years

 Provided that the construction work has commenced and such request is made within 6 months   of expiry of validity of the No Objection Certificate and the delay is due in circumstances which are beyond the control of the developer

·         In case the No Objection Certificate is revised after review or appeal, the validity of the No Objection Certificate shall be eight years from the date of issue of revised No Objection Certificate.

Provided that in cases where the construction work has not started during the initial validity period of No Objection Certificate, renewal shall not be considered and the height of such building  or structures shall be reassessed in accordance with the provisions of these rules.


 [G.S.R.365(E )]



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